I’m Having Their Baby

A major network, along with Hud:sun Media, the Producers behind the mega-hit show, “Pregnant in Heels” and the casting company, Pop Magnet Entertainment, are conducting a national search for pregnant women who are considering placing their child up for adoption.

This never before ground-breaking documentary television series tells the story from the point of view of young expecting birth mothers who are at a crossroads, facing their most important and life altering decision of their lives….

What is it like to be pregnant and considering placing a child for adoption?

How did you get here? What is going to happen? Who is with you? Who is against you? What are you going to do?

If you’re an expectant birth mother considering adoption, we want to hear your story! Everybody wants to be heard, and by sharing your journey your experience becomes meaningful.

We are searching for…..

  • 16 – 30 years old pregnant women
  • Ideally 5 months to 8 months into pregnancy; however, we would still like to hear from all interested expecting mothers regardless of weeks pregnant.
  • ALL ethnic, religious, socio-economic backgrounds
  • From ANY city in the U.S. – this is a nation-wide casting
  • ANY stage in the adoption process will be considered – from those who just started considering adoption, to birth moms well into the process

If you are living your real-life adoption story and are interested in being heard, please contact us at: hud:sun media Adoption Story Casting Office: 323-410-7410 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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